Why Ghost ECC ?

Developed in house, GhostECC provides a platform using the latest encryption methods for secure communication.

With a growing number of privacy concerns in our modern-day society, we believe in the importance of secure communication to protect sensitive information.

  • icon-01Secure & Anonymous
  • icon-03AES 256bit PGP Encryption
  • group (Custom)Group Chat Encryption
  • phone-call (Custom)Secure Voice Encryption
  • email (Custom)Encrypted Attachments (Photo/Video/Voice)
  • icon-02Worldwide Support
  • icon-05521bit ECC Encrypted Instant Messaging
  • bomb (Custom)Message Self-destruct
  • callcenter124/7 Tech Support
  • moreiconAnd many more hidden security features!

We pride ourselves in delivering Military-Grade encryption throughout the years holding a transparent track record of bullet-proof security.

Security made easy

GhostECC provides a Triple Layer Encryption Standard (521-bit ECC, AES 256-bit, 2048 SSL) to encrypt each and every process of its secure communication platform.

Backwards Compatibility

GhostECC is completely backwards compatible with PGP. You can communicate with all users on BlackBerry 7 & Blackberry 10 PGP.

Duress Password

Forced to provide your password? Don’t worry! The Duress Password feature allows you to set a fake password to use in state of duress which will silently wipe all data within GhostECC.

Message Self Destruction

All messages will have a self-destruct timer that will completely wipe the message from all devices & server without leaving a single trace.

**These are simply dummy screens. Our actual interface is 10 times better!**

Get your phone encrypted today

Receive a quick and easy quote to get ECC set up on any blackberry device. We’ll work with your unique needs for a customised pricing structure.